Panono Professional 360 is happy to announce its partnership with Viond

Viond and Professional 360 are excited to announce their newly launched partnership. Both the companies see a high potential in their partnership.

Panono camera users are now entitled to a 2 moths free trial license from Viond. This is a great way for the users of Panono Camera to create and publish their own respective 360/VR projects out of their 360 pictures.

On their partnership, Dr. Rolf Illenberger, Managing Director of Viond stated that they are very thrilled and happy to announce and offer Panono customers the opportunity to create their own interactive 360/VR projects such as virtual tours out of their high-resolution photos and promptly share with their respective audience. The projects created through their partnership by their customers can be viewed in VR goggles (Oculus Go), on mobile phones and websites respectively.

Furthermore, Thomas Escher, CEO of professional 360 said that the new partnership gives Panono users a unique opportunity by explaining the fact that the Panono is not just a high resolution 360 camera but an entire business tool with multiple solutions for professional use. This is the very reason the partnership with Viond is so important to them. This will significantly expand their product range as well.

How to get the 2-month Free Trial License of Viond: 

Steps for creating an interactive 360°/VR experience with your Panono 360° images:

  • Take high-res 360° images with your Panono Camera

  • Export them from the Panono Portal as “Equirectangular”

  • Resize them to HD (1920px) and to 4K (4096px) with tools like Adobe Photoshop or Microsoft Paint

  • Import your Panono 360° images into the Viond Builder software, available here: www.viond.io/product

  • Enrich your 360° content by adding interactive elements and multimedia such as 2D images and video or text boxes

  • Publish your created interactive 360°/VR experiences using your 2-month Free Trial License of Viond

If you haven’t used the Viond Builder before, make sure to check out our Support Page. It will give you an overview of the Viond guides, tutorial videos, FAQs and example assets to play around with.  For more information and inspiration how to create an Interactive VR Experience with Viond read this article: https://blog.viond.io/20-free-resources-to-help-you-create-an-interactive-vr-experience

In case you have further questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch via contact@viond.io or find more information on viond.io.