How 360° Photography can help your marketing campaign?

How can businesses attract customers from the very beginning?

Companies could use 360° photography on their social media channels to introduce new products or take clients behind the scenes of their businesses.
360° photography can be incorporated into web pages to create an interactive and memorable experience for clients, which will keep people looking at a website 5 or 10 times longer.


Here are some advantages of 360° marketing campaigns:

1. Choosing the right marketing platform to enhance interaction.

Every social platform has its own audience and interest group, so a company should be aware of where and when to post its content. For example, if you use Facebook to promote your goods and services, you may post 360° images that summarizes a lot of detail and can capture audience’s attention easily (a picture is worth a thousand words, so 360° photo is worth many more). People will tend to share, comment or ask questions regarding the post, this leads to more brand awareness and customer engagement.

Companies can benefit from this marketing tool by saving their time and audience time while viewing, instead of writing a long article, infographic and many photos to explain a certain topic. Posting 360° will assure more eyes on the content and will take companies to another stream of attention. Basically organic 360° photos performed much better, gaining 45% more interactions than conventional photos (Study by Branova, 2017). Another statistic says that 80% of marketers who have used 360° videos say it has increased engagement for them (Study by Gannon, 2018).


2. Unlimited possibilities for audiences

Hotels, construction sites, universities, airlines, manufacturers, and other businesses are using 360° photography as marketing tool on their websites to display their goods and give customers a wide range of opportunities to choose. So instead of taking 15 regular photos, one 360° photo summarizes plenty. This photo will enhance the view and make it easier to immerse in the setting, to get a glimpse of what client can await on the other side and dive into the atmosphere. It’s more about the feeling and immersing.

For instance, Shangri-La, Mercure Hotel, Hotel Klosterbräu use 360° photography to catch customers eyes and take them to experience virtual tours of their different destinations, all from the comfort of customers home, enhance their point of view about the place/product/service and help them get a better understanding before making any bookings. For instance, before making any hotel booking, customer can view the desired room by simple click and see it all in 360° HD.

3. Increasing Consumer Loyalty

Posting new content on a regular basis on a company social platform lets the audience know you are always present in the market, it gives the impression that you are going to be here and not disappear tomorrow. It’s a good indicator to increase customer’s satisfaction and loyalty, their belief that the company is going to provide the latest updates and trends.


4. Competitive advantage

Using 360° photography as a marketing tool gives companies a competitive edge over their competitors who are not using this concept in their business in terms of product and service awareness. As it was explained before in this blog how useful it is to share 360° content on social platforms. Thus, customers have the ability to “re-visit” a place or event and examine the details in 360°.

5. Enhancing Google search results:

Businesses which implement 360° photos to their websites, boost their visibility on Google Search as well as Google Maps. It helps people take a complete virtual tour by seeing inside and outside the place when checking street view.


Our recommendations:

  • Bring your business to life with a 360° interactive tour.

  • Let your customers walk around, explore, and interact with your business like never before.

  • Showcase all the details that both you and your regular customers love about your business.

  • Attract new online customers. Potential customers are all around you on their mobiles, with Google Places they get directions straight to your business.